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Delta Quilters Secret Pals

The idea behind participating in Secret Pals is to form a fun, secret friendship with a Delta Quilter member over an 8-month period.  Your secret pal will be chosen by the June general meeting and will be revealed at the May general meeting.  Some basic guidelines are as follows:

    - No minimum expense
    - Approximately $50 or so over the 8-month period
    - Let your secret pal know you exist before August 15th
    - Can be a handmade note or a small gift
    - It is not a requirement to send something every month, but it should be
       several gifts rather than a one-time gift
    - The point is to form a secret friendship using the "Golden Rule" so please
        sign up only if you are willing to actively participate

Here is a list of ideas to help your secret pal know something about you so she can choose appropriate gifts.  Please fill out the ones you are comfortable with and feel free to add any other information you'd like to share with your secret pal at the bottom of the form.  A special table is provided for Secret Pal gifts at each meeting.  Turn in this form at the July 2014 meeting or mail to Shirley Bevill before the meeting.




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